More Info

  • Free Parking!

    For your convenience we offer free parking behind the building. 
  • There's a Dog-Friendly Park Right Down the Road!

    Take a walk in Elmhurst Park while you wait for your appointment or test results. This public park has paved pathways and lots of greenspace for your pup to enjoy!
  • Boarding Your Pet

    Maspeth Animal Hospital offers boarding for your pets, in the event that you cannot take them with you when traveling.
    Dogs and cats are housed separately to reduce stress. Each pet is given a private kennel or run (for large dogs). Cat kennels are outfitted with a bed, litter box, and food and water dishes; for shy cats a hide box is also provided. Dog kennels and runs include a bed or elevated cot. Every effort is made to keep your pet comfortable during their stay. 
    Dogs are exercised at least twice daily, with time in our outdoor exercise pen and walks in nearby Elmhurst park.
    Feel free to email the office at for updates during your pet's stay!
  • Traveling With Your Pet

    If you are planning to travel with your pet there are several things you’ll need to take care of in advance:
    • Whether you are traveling domestically (within the U.S.A.) or internationally (to a foreign country), you will need to contact your airline for their specific travel requirements.
    • If you are traveling abroad you’ll need to find your destination country's requirements on the USDA website ( Proof of up to date vaccination is typically required, and additional tests or treatments may be needed.
    • For domestic travel, we will provide you with an Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. For international travel, we will fulfill your requirements and refer you to a partner practice where a USDA accredited veterinarian can authorize your travel documents.
    • We always recommend microchipping your pet prior to traveling, as many pets have been lost during travel. Although microchipping doesn’t provide a guarantee it  is an additional form of identification and can aid in the safe return of a lost pet.
    Please call for details: 718-639-9339