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  • Travelling with your Pet

    If you are planning to travel with your pet there are several things you’ll need to take care of.

    • Whether you are traveling domestically (within the U.S.A.) or to a foreign country, you will need to call your airline and ask what their requirements are.
    • If you are traveling abroad you’ll need to contact that country’s consulate or embassy to ask what their requirements are for your pet’s entry.
    • Proof of up to date vaccinations is typically required. Additional tests or treatments may be required.
    • We will provide you with an International Health Certificate issued by a USDA accredited veterinarian, or refer you to a partner practice that is able to provide this.
    • We always recommend microchipping your pet prior to traveling, as many pets have been lost during travel. Although microchipping doesn’t provide a guarantee it  is an additional form of identification and can aid in the safe return of a lost pet.

    Please call for details: 718-639-9339

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